Photo: Dennis Friedler

Wrapped Intention

Wrapped Intention (2012) was a window performance series at Mobius in which I examined notions of “passage” by transcribing, cutting, and spinning a collection of texts on the subject. Every Thursday, beginning on February 9th and concluding on June 21st, I performed these actions in the window looking out on Norfolk Street, working alone in the dark interior of the space with a single focused light source. I performed at a rather odd hour for most audiences on a weeknight (10 PM to midnight), yet with each passing performance I was conscious of temporal movement towards the light of the summer solstice. Outside, near the mail slot under my window, a few passerby would stop to look and notice a supply of paper and pens. There was a brief statement about the performances, and an invitation to write something about “passage” and slip it to me through the opening. Not every week yielded a response, but I did receive a few, and even a bounty of paper slips at times (to view, click images to the right). At a later date, I introduced a listening station outside with headphones transmitting a recorded narration of my performance text of the evening. Accumulating balls of yarn, each catalogued with encoded data and presented in the window each week, became the visible residue of previous performances.

Dennis Friedler documented my work and with few exceptions, was the only other person to occupy the interior with me. His approach to photographing the performances was to portray a sense of mystery and transformation, using only available light.

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Wrapped Intention (2012) | Photos: Dennis Friedler | Performances dedicated to the memory of Bob Raymond (1952-2012)